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Since we began channeling those on the other side and providing healing and closure for them, we were led to the issue of attachments. Attachments are energy or spirit that have attached to a person. These attachments can go without being recognized if you don’t realize you have them. I found I had three! I released them back into the light and myself felt lighter and freer without them.

Some people have more than this.  I recently released eight attachments from one person, eleven from another, and one from someone else. A recent attachments check yielded that twenty-six attachments were with one individual. Attachments can bring physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues to a person who hosts them.

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When the idea of attachments came up for us, it was interesting because Rebecca had been reading on it when I began channeling information on what they were, how they impacted people, and how to heal them.

We will be sharing more on this work we’ve begun which is helping people know whether they have attachments present as well as releasing them. My method utilizes my gifts and abilities as a medium and healer. Other individuals who release attachments may use other tools. They may be different but the goal is to free the person of these unwelcomed guests.

If you are interested in a free attachments check, please fill out the information required on this page. You may also request a regular check, which is returned within four business days by completing the information here.

This may also be called dark force entity release, soul release, fragmented souls, dark energy release, spirit release, spirit releasement, attachment healing, attachment releasement, attachment release, attachment removal, spirit removal. Some shaman, hypnotists, psychologists, and psychiatrists also provide these services. As a medium I am able to communicate with those who are resistant to departing and use Jesus, Archangels, other angels, and guides to help these souls enter the light or clear the negative energy. (We will be sharing more information on this in the future!)

The attachments check is done remotely and the report is emailed to the address provided in the request you submit. You may use this information as you see fit. I offer removal and release both and it can be done remotely or in person on the west side of Atlanta (South Cobb, Austell, Mableton).  Remote healing is possible using my method – hypnosis generally requires in person sessions due to the nature of hypnosis. I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that removing an attachment without filling the space will leave a person open to other (possibly worse) attachments. Nature abhors a vacuum so don’t leave that gaping hole there.

If you choose to use someone else or do a self-removal and would like to check that the healing and removal was successful, you may choose to have me do a regular attachments check. I can only offer one free check per person.

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