About Us

Spirit Speaks and the channel on YouTube was inspired by Erik Medhus (Channeling Erik). Spirit Speaks began as a partnership between Bernette and Rebecca to bring a voice to those on the other side who wanted to speak through Bernette. Perhaps we were chosen because we are both healers who come from a line of healers and intuitives.

Through the Spirit Speaks channeling sessions with ancestors and those in the waiting place, those who come through may share information and personal experiences or come for healing that transcends time and space. We hope that those on this side will be open to experience healing of generational hurts, receive the information and insights shared, and be blessed.

How We Got Started

During a family visit between mother (Rebecca) and daughter (Bernette) one evening while Rebecca was watching an Erik Medhus inspired channeling show called the Shiny Show, Bernette sensed Erik’s presence. She told him she wasn’t interested and was too busy (she is busy!) but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. After encouragement from Rebecca and a little bargaining in the form of if you want me to do this, prove it, Bernette agreed to serve in this role, particularly for the disenfranchised and marginalized on the other side. Rebecca volunteered to serve as the interviewer and together through their partnership spirit speaks.

What Else Do We Do?

Healing (Energy/Reiki), Spirit Removal and Release (Healing Attachments), Mediumship, Coaching, Spiritual Guidance, Inspirational Speaking, and Writing. We also both sing and have been ordained ministers. You can find our services on our individual pages on this site.


About Bernette

bernette-webBernette is a natural medium, channel, clair, intuitive coach and guide as well as a healer, Access Bars Practitioner, and attachment (spirit) release therapist.

Bernette’s Background and Education 

Bernette holds a Holistic Health Practitioner Certificate and Bachelors in Spiritual Healing from Yogananda Institute (formerly Reiki Blessings Academy). In 2017 she became an Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner® and a Holy Fire Reiki Master practitioner. She’s been a practicing Usui and Karuni Ki Reiki Master since 2009. She also has certifications in Chakra Therapy and Chakra Balancing. In 2009 Bernette became a Certified Professional Coach and in 2013 she completed her certification as a Book of Life Specialist/Akashic Records Reader.

I am also an ordained minister having studied with Metaphysical Universal Ministries and am ordained through the Interfaith Truth Center in Marietta, GA.

Prior to and while beginning my metaphysical practice, I spent more than a decade as a researcher and evaluator working for two large university systems in Atlanta and a national health care company doing program design, implementation, and evaluation.

I tend to use my gifts primarily to bring clarity, insight, and healing.

I hope that by serving in this capacity I can help bring healing to those on the other side and awareness, inspiration, and healing for wholeness to those living now.

I am also a creative artist and primarily express through my writing and music. Find out about Creative Core.

Find out more about my Creating Miracles Program, learn more about my services here, or go to my main website at www.BernetteSherman.com.

Do you like science-fiction, paranormal, and fantasy books? Check them out at my Author Bernette website at www.Bernette.net. You may enjoy some of the following works:

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About Rebecca


Rebecca Washington is a Spiritual Healer and Teacher, formerly of Rochester, NY, who currently resides in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

She is a Holy Fire Reiki Master and Access Consciousness/Bars Practitioner. Rebecca has also trained with the Imagine Spirit School in the study of Spirit Attachments. As a part of the team “Spirit Speaks,” she works in tandem with her daughter Bernette Sherman to provide a voice for spirits from beyond to facilitate healing and closure for many. She is a true Healer at heart.

Find out more about me and my services at: www.RebeccaWashington.com.