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Holy Fire and  Usui Reiki

Access Consciousness Bars

Spirit Release Therapist (Attachment Checks and Healing)


Bernette is a natural intuitive, clairvoyant, pet communicator, and energy healer. See more on the About Us page.

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Private Sessions

I offer private sessions for intuitive guidance, coaching, and healing (Reiki and Access Bars).

The fee for one hour is $90 and the fee for thirty minutes is $50. Video conference sessions are available for readings for an additional $10 fee. You may have one additional person join your one hour private session for a fee of $50.

Spirit Release is $150 and includes the attachments check, release therapy, and distance Reiki for 3 to 7 days following your release. Please ask about following your treatment with an Access Bars® session.

A deposit of 50% is due to confirm your appointment.


Gallery Readings

Do you desire guidance and insight from your guides and higher self? During an intuitive guidance session I get help from your helpers to bring you the clarity and insight you need at that time to move forward. If a loved one comes through, this is a bonus. However; at this time I am not solely booking mediumship readings for new clients. My goal for myself is to do things that bring me ease, joy, and glory and am focusing on providing services and products that do that.


Pet Communication and Readings

Yes, you can ask questions about your pet. The better your questions, the better the answer. They have to understand what you are asking as well. Consider who they are and what they were like and whether what you’re asking would be the right question for them. Pets can be on this side or the other side.



Additionally, I have the gift of seeing back into situations that may have impacted your life, if you are open. Unlike a past life regression, I only see key moments that may have shaped who you are now or what you are experiencing. My guides and your guides work together to show me what is relevant in this life, a past life, in the moment to help you heal, grow, and move forward.

To get the most out of your session, be open and have questions beyond, “is anything coming through?”, and “can you just tell me whatever you get?”. I want to help you and focusing on an area or topic makes the universe a bit more manageable. Smile!

Please note, that with the exception of pet readings,  one-off readings rarely serve to shift a person in the right direction and yield lasting results. 

Watch my interview with Jamie Butler (The Everyday Medium) on The Lighter Side Network

Listen to my interview on Blogtalk Radio’s The Psychic Inside Show. Joelle interviews me and I provide several callers with on-air readings. What fun!

For the mini-readings part only of my guest appearance on The Psychic Inside Show listen to the portion below.


About My Gift

As a child I saw both with my third eye and shadows. This was uncomfortable for me and when I turned my gifts back on as an adult it was with a rule of seeing only with my third eye. I do occasionally see auras. I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient. I hear as if they are speaking just outside my head. I will get phrases, entire conversations, and occasionally names and other information. However, I have found that specific details of their earthly life can be lost on them as they are not focused on the physical any longer.

I see spirit in a spiritual sense. While they don’t appear in front of my human eyes, I see them in my mind’s eye and often can describe how they are showing themselves to me. It may be as you remember them, as they’d like to remember themselves, or what they were like when last living. I also will feel them (empathic) and although I may express their emotion during a session, it is them that is becoming emotional and I am feeling it. However, I remain as objective as possible, being your communication medium and helping you converse.



Energy Work – Healing – Reiki and Spirit and Attachments Release

I am a Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner (I am also a Karuna Ki and Usui Reiki Master Practitioner) and a Chakra Therapist. There are only two masters between myself and William Rand. I am thrilled with this expanded energy healing and what it means for those I am meant to help. I combine the intuitive and compassionate healing energy of Karuna Ki with aspects of angel healing, chakra therapy, and the more traditional Usui Reiki. I use Reiki along with my channeled energy healing method to bring relaxation, stress-relief, relief of physical symptoms, emotional and mental healing (on a case-by-case) basis.

An attachments and chakra check is done prior to your initial Reiki session. You may also receive a check for energetic attachments as a stand-alone service. If you would prefer not to have an attachments check, please let me know. A general chakra check is part of the first Reiki session. These sessions may be thirty minutes or one hour. A minimum one hour session is required for new clients.

In my healing attachments and spirit release work, I use Holy Fire Reiki along with an additional energy healing method I channeled to infuse love, light, and peace. As a medium, those energies who may be reluctant or resistant to leaving will usually appear to me and I will aid them in releasing their hold and removing themselves. While the others will simply go, these will have to be helped. Only those who have this need will be discussed. I can talk to them about what is going on and why they are holding on and will get a sense of how long they’ve been there and where they are attached. I also try to find out why, but they may not want to tell.

Attachments and spirit release sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes. However, it is recommended that clients allot 2 hours for the session in case that additional time is needed.


I will also be reading on the first Saturday of each month at the Big Psychic Fair (the Blue Barn) in Roswell, GA.

Classes, workshops and other events will also be scheduled from time to time.

Pendulums and Protection Workshop: Saturday, October 28th from 6pm to 8pm at the Book House in Mableton, GA.

Teaching Intro Class on Pendulums

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